Jun 18, 2008

Only In The Country

This morning I got up and went about my business getting ready for work.
I went into my office at the house to get something off my computer and I noticed that our internet connection was not working.
Being out where we are, we have a satellite connection and every once in a while it gets wonky.
"No biggie," I thought, "it'll correct itself in a bit."

I let it be and got my things together to leave.
As I walked out the door, I looked over at the bird feeders (as I frequently do when I step outside) and noticed something odd.
An alder sapling was bent down over the satellite dish and several items were strewn about the ground that weren't there the evening before.

Upon closer inspection, I also noticed that the receiver for the satellite was bent out of position (hence, no internet connection) and one of the solar ground lights we have was broken.

Apparently, at some time during the night a raccoon decided to pretend he was a 'redneck' and climed up the tree to get to the feeders. The tree (being very young and therefore not very strong) couldn't support the weight of the raccoon and bent over, thus dropping him (or her) onto the dish, receiver, light, and then onto the ground.
All of which must have scared it senseless, as evidenced by the stuff that was knocked over in the vicinity as it tried to run away.

As if this wasn't enough, it happened while we were asleep..... only a few yards away.
Granted, there's a wall between us and the outside world but you'd think that ONE of us would have heard the crash and thud of a 15 - 20 lb raccoon hitting the dish and then the ground. Not to mention the subsequent noise as it ran through stuff trying to get away.
But no. We didn't hear anything. (So if you plan to attack us at home, while we're sleeping is obviously the best time)

Now Hotness has to call the satellite internet guys and have them come out and re-adjust the reciever.
You city-folk miss all this action, I'm telling ya!
By the way, today is Hotness's birthday! She's 29.... AGAIN!
(birthday related stories and embarrassing pictures to hopefully follow soon)

4 things people had to say:

qtilla said...

I'm pretty sure it wasn't the bird feeders they were after. If I were you, I'd brace a chair against your door.

And say your prayers.

Good luck.

PalinDrome said...

Excellent my raccoon army strikes again...

Elwood said...

Just wait until the raccoons join forces with the squirrels. FUBAR City.

Dr. Zoltar said...

Are you sure they weren't after a viewing of the Spice channel?

And Happy B-Day Hotness (real name concealed to protect her identity)!