Dec 17, 2008

No Cake For Little Adolf

Poor little Adolf Hitler Campbell won't be getting his 3rd birthday cake from the local ShopRite this year. The supermarket feels that the name is inappropriate and reserves the right refuse service.

I totally agree with them on this.
Who in their right mind names their kid Adolf Hitler..... or Aryan Nation for that matter?!?
Oh, only some numbnut with a point to make that's about as blunt as the one on top of his head.

It's not so much that this idiot had to name his kids these ridiculous (and quite frankly, offensive) names, but that these kids are w-a-y too young to realize the baggage they are going to be carrying around.
That's what really irks me about dips#!ts like that.

There's a reason that Adolf is not a name given to babies anymore.
(Perhaps it has something to do with a little thing called "the holocaust"? I'm just spit-balling here)

Ahhhh... but don't worry. Good ol' Walmart was willing to make a cake for him.
Of course they'll sell anything to make a buck. (or do they?)

A very good editorial on this subject from the Lehigh Valley website.

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Imperfect said...

At home, check out this thread on one of my favorite web sites about this same issue. Scroll down to the picture of the parents and the comments there