Sep 12, 2009

Fair, Camping, Bumbershoot

I had planned on being back and posting long before now, but I just kept putting it off.
I'm sorry if I've kept you waiting.

Anyway, I could ramble on and on about everything, but it'll be much simpler to just post some pictures and give you captions to fill you up-to-date.

Back in late August, Hotness & I went to the fair;
Where I had my annual Purple Cow*

We also checked out the floral dept.
They had a big display of carnivorous plants

As well as a live tarantula in one of the other displays

Hotness was not getting any closer than she had to, to see that.

Other than that, the fair was the same old, same old.
Nothing has really changed.

Oh! I did buy some lottery tickets to win a mobile chicken coop.

I haven't heard whether I was the winner, but at least I can figure out how to build this style from these pictures if I wasn't.

On Labor Day weekend, I went camping again.
This was the last of our "group camping trips" for the season.

It pretty much rained the whole time, but that didn't prevent us from having any fun.

We had a nice big tarp over the table, so we were able to prepare food and eat without getting too wet.

And on one of the few breaks in the weather I was able to pursue my quest for the perfect S'more.

This one includes a whole Reese's Peanut Butter cup.

It was extremely close to perfection!

I got back from camping on Sunday, and then on Monday I scooted off for Bumbershoot in Seattle with a friend.
It was rainy off-and-on, but we had a lot of fun despite the indecisive weather.

The first thing we did after getting inside the event was to get ourselves a pass for the comedy stage.
Then we headed straight for the EMP SkyChurch to watch an indie band called "Dept. of Energy".

They did a cool rendition of Van Halen's "JUMP" using a vibraphone.

Then we wandered around for a bit until going to the Mainstage to watch the "Black Eyed Peas" perform.

We got pretty close to the stage. Close enough to get a good view.
(That's Fergie standing on a speaker directly above the guy in the orange jacket)
They put on a really good show, although they blew an amp at one point and so they lost their sound for a few minutes.
They got it back and then lost it again.
Finally everything got figured out and the show went on.

Here's a view of the crowd from above the main floor:

That's a LOT of people!

We left the concert early so that we could get in line for the comedy stage we got passes for earlier.
It was an improvisational Shakespeare group, and that was one heck of a funny show!
Unfortunately we couldn't get any pictures or video, so you'll just have to take my word for it.
But it was well worth the money!

After that, we wandered around and looked at the art on display and then checked out Flatstock 22.

There were a couple of concerts coming up later in the evening, but by that time we were hungry and our feet were starting to hurt from all the wandering and standing in lines.
We grabbed a bite outside the Bumbershoot grounds at a nifty little Mexican place.
After talking it over we decided that we'd seen enough and that we really didn't need to stay.
We both had work the next day, and it was in our best interests to get back home so that we weren't dragging the next day.

Since then, nothing much has been happening worth noting.
At least, not until last evening.

A few of us got together to help celebrate Palindrome's birthday with burgers at Red Robin followed by aimless wandering at the nearby Target.

And THAT catches you up on things in my "exciting" life.
The fun never ends, does it?

* A "Purple Cow" is a float made out of:
Blackberry ice cream
Lemon-lime soda
and a bit of blackberry syrup

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