Jun 15, 2009

After A Long Wait, It's Finally Over

On Sunday morning (shortly after midnight) Hotness's mom passed away.

She'd gotten a call on Friday afternoon from a family friend saying that her mom might not make it through the next few days, so we'd been waiting for this call to happen.

It's kind of surreal at the moment. She's gone and will no longer be a part of either of our lives, but in a sense she had left a while ago when the cancer started taking over so it really isn't a shock.
On the other hand, she lived a lot longer than anyone expected so for her to finally be gone is a relief (that she's no longer suffering) and very sad (that she is actually gone).

I joked about her on here, but it was because I cared about her.
I'd call her occasionally to check in on her and make her laugh. When she got too sick to answer the phone, I really didn't get to talk to her much any more.
The cards I sent her (on Hotness's last visit) helped brighten her day and she kept them next to her in the nursing home so she could read them over and over again.

I didn't get to tell her "goodbye", but I'll never forget the first time we'd said "Hello" to each other.
I'd gone back with Hotness for her 10-year High School reunion, and stopped by her mom's to let he know we arrived.
The first thing she said to me was, "Oh! You'll like my friend Don. He's chubby too."
I just smiled as Hotness freaked out that her mom said that to me.
I said later that "if that's the worst I have to deal with from her, I think things will be okay".

And they were.
In the years after that, I looked forward to seeing her and joking around with her. We'd exchange email. And I'd make her laugh until she turned red and tears rolled out of her eyes.

I'll miss her.
Not as much as Hotness, obviously. But we were close. So close that she was referring to me as her son-in-law BEFORE Hotness and I were ever engaged.

Rest in peace Jankamur.

2 things people had to say:

Liz said...

My thoughts are with you and I am sorry for your loss.

Anonymous said...

She was certainly a very nice person.