Jul 28, 2009

Doctor's Orders

It's hot.
And when I say "hot" I mean it's F'ing HOT!!

Right now my weather widget on my computer says it's 95 degrees F outside. That's just too much heat for my delicate constitution, even if it is summer.
I moved out of the south so I didn't have to live with heat like that any more.

I'm no doctor (but I play one in the bedroom! Har har har!), but here's my prescription for tolerating this weather:
Take liberal doses of Mojitos
Or margaritas*
And rest comfortably, preferably in a hammock with your feet up

Repeat as often as required until heat subsides and you can resume regular activity.
Or just repeat as often as you like and forget all about 'regular activity'.
We'll be back to our usual schedule of nothingness after the heat subsides.

* Ferretnick's easy-peasy margarita recipe:
In a 10 oz. glass filled halfway with crushed ice, mix the following;
1 shot of tequila (I prefer "1800" since it's reasonably priced and 100% agave. 'Silver' or 'plato' works fine since it's going to be mixed, but whatever you choose is fine)
1/2 shot of Grand Marnier

No salt. No blender. No fancy umbrella.
Just good drinkin'!

And if alcohol isn't your thing, you could try cooling yourself down this way.

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