Jul 6, 2009

Post 4th Report

The 4th of July Holiday came and went... with a bang. Ha ha!

I managed to survive my trip into Seattle on Friday despite my sprained ankle.
I applied ice and heat to it on Thursday and dosed up on painkillers.
That night wasn't too bad trying to sleep thankfully.

I got up on Friday morning and hobbled around watering plants, filling birdfeeders, etc... until it was time to leave and drive into the big city.
We got there and met up with my mom, her husband, and a friend of the family.
Not a lot to report, so I'll just post a few pictures from the day.

Hotness grabbed a bite at a shop in Post Alley.

The dishes were embedded in the cement steps next to where we were sitting:

Some shoes in a tree at a park near Pike Street that the homeless hang out in:

A view over the Alaskan Way Viaduct:

The infamous gum wall (with a close-up)

And across from the gum wall was "Narboo":

These Hanna-Barbera characters were part of a graffiti wall where we'd parked the car for the day:

Secret Squirrel & Morrocco Mole

And here's Hotness in the parking lot:

After we got back home, we just hung around the house for a bit before going over to our neighbor's to watch TV.
Here's Lewis the Barn Cat chillaxin' on the couch with Hotness:

On Saturday we went to our friend's place to BBQ, watch fireworks and play with my niece and nephew.
It was great fun spending time with everybody.

Here a few pics from that day:
Little ZEN sweeping the floor

The allure of sparklers

Hotness wasn't up to staying and watching people blow stuff up, so she headed home before it got dark.
I stayed until well past midnight and watched the neighborhod pyromaniacs light up the sky.

Sunday was a slow day.
We slept in and stayed around the house for the most part.
We did make a trip to the Comic Stop to pick up my comics and then that evening we went over to the neighbor's place again for more television goodness.
In case you were wondering how my foot looked after the sprain...
Well wait no more!

This on Friday afternoon.
I'd worn an ACE bandage all day and when I took it off this is what my foot looked like.
The ankle was swollen and the bruise was starting to show.

This pic was taken this morning.
The swelling has gone down a bit but the bruise is more purple-colored now.
You can see color on both side of my foot, but it's more 'colorful' on the outside.

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