Aug 12, 2009

Money Creek Campground (Follow-up)

Well, our camping trip to Money Creek was nice.

This trip was nick-named the "spouse-less" camping trip, as everybody who went was not joined by their significant other this time. So it was a fairly small group this time around.

Other than the usual (sitting around the camp during the day, and sitting around the campfire at night) there isn't much to tell you about.

G-rod and I carpooled up to the site on Friday after work. We got there around 7:30 p.m. and went right to setting up our tents before it got too dark.
Then we had something to eat and started up a campfire. No s'mores this time, though.
The kids went to bed, which left G-rod, Atul, and myself sitting in the dark and talking.
We would see the lights of cars travelling east & west along Hwy 2, but something caught my eye that didn't seem right. It wasn't moving in a normal fashion.
I turned on my headlamp and saw the head of a young raccoon looking back at me.
We all got up to chase it away, but he didn't seem to be very scared of people. He kind trotted off a short ways and just stared at us.
We picked up everything off the table and made sure the food was secured, then went back to the fire.
We apparently discouraged the little bugger enough that he never came back again.

Saturday was pretty lazy.
G-rod took off to go hike Mt. Index. I stayed back with Atul and the kids as we all went down to the creek to throw rocks for a while.

I discovered that there was natural clay along the bank under the rocks, so we scooped up a bunch to bring back into camp and play with.

We were later joined by some of the other people in our group (and more kids) and that was about the extent of our day.
I played "Cootie" with some some of the kids,
while others went "exploring".

The evening came and we made dinner, then the kids went to bed while the adults stayed up and played a game of "ZOMBIES!!!" in the dark by the glow of a gas lantern.

On Sunday, we all got up and ate breakfast. Then we broke down our tents and packed up to come back home.
Not a very exciting trip but a relaxing and fun one nevertheless.
Here are a few more pics from the weekend:

ZEN peeking out of the tent

The whole gang (minus G-rod who was hiking, and me who took the picture)

(check out those hairy legs!)

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