Aug 12, 2009

The Triffids Are Coming!

I have been a fan of carnivorous plants since I was a wee, little lad.

I've grown sundews, Venus Fly Traps, bladderwort, and a few different types of pitcher plants over the many years.

It's located in a very remote area of the Phillipines and was named after British naturalist, David Attenborough.

But what I found kind of odd, was that the discovery was announced about the same time that the Perseids Meteor shower is happening.

Very ironic timing, I think.

In the story "Day of the Triffids", it was during a meteor shower that blinded most of the populace that a carnivorous plant started taking over and killing people.
Hmmmm..... coincidence?

So if you notice that your houseplant is suddenly not in the same place that you last saw it.... RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!

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