Oct 23, 2009

And Here Are Those Pictures I Promised

Well, I may not be speedy, but I do deliver.... eventually.

I meant to get some pictures up about a week ago but I let it slide and look where we are now.
Anyway, here a few pictures from things I've been doing lately. Enjoy.

In between job searches I been filling my time up with babysitting for my niece and nephew.
A few nights back I had the chance to watch them for the evening while their parents went out looking for a new vehicle (read: bigger kid-transport).
My niece put these fangs on and tried to scare me:

It worked 'really well' as I was certainly terrified and couldn't sleep at all after being frightened by that cute face. (*wink wink*)

On a different day, I watched her brother in the morning.
He hadn't yet had breakfast, so I thought I'd make cinnamon toast for him and see if he liked it.

Trying it out
Seems to be a success!

Other than babysitting, I've also been doing some organizing at a friend's place.
He's been behind in getting his comic books filed and asked if I could come lend a hand while I'm available.

In trade for some of the work, he gave me his older 5.1 surround sound DVD player, since he'd recently upgraded to a newer system. (More on this later)
Also, I get to hang out with his kitties all day while I'm there.

See what rough working conditions I have to deal with?

Wednesday last week, I was running some errands and ended up in Lynnwood.
I stopped by the Comic Stop and later treated myself to some sushi at Sushi Misoya next door to the shop.
This place is tiny, but what they lack in size, they more than make up for in excellent food.
On this trip I had the 'paradise roll' and the 'tarantula roll'.

Absolutely wonderful and the people who run the place are fantastic!
If you like sushi and find yourself in Lynnwood one day, I highly recommend going there to eat.
Their prices are reasonable and their food if well worth it. (They also have non-sushi items on the menu as well, if that's not your "thing")

On Sunday, Hotness and I went to our first opera of the season.
Well, technically it wasn't the "first of the season" but it as OUR first one this season.
We went and saw "La Traviata". (Click the link to find out the synopsis)
It was wonderful. A very tragic opera with a suitably sad ending.
I'm not ashamed to say that I was bit sniffly at the end, but Hotness was definitely teary-eyed.
It was a good thing we'd brought tissues with us!
Here's a shot of the traffic afterwards as everybody was leaving the parking garage.

I took it from the Skybridge.

After that we went to Pomodoro for a bit to eat.
The two of us haven't been there together since I'd proposed to Hotness... 7 months ago!
Oh, it was so good and we'd missed coming there. The food was splendid (as usual) and we got to see our favorite waitress (who missed seeing us as well!).
We had our usual: calamari, halibut ceviche, as well as the Penne alla Vodka which we shared.
(Mmmm... calamari!)

I am so looking forward to our next opera, "Il Trovatore". It has treachery, deceit, political intrigue, attempted murder, kidnapping... and gypsies!
It also happens to be right around my birthday, so it's a double treat. (Guess we'll have to celebrate at Pomodoro again!)

That's most of what's been happening lately.
I probably forgot a few things, but I can't give away EVERYTHING.

I'll try to get back to this again soon, so stay tuned.

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