Aug 18, 2007

More fun in Missoula

I'll try not to make this post as long-winded as the previous one, but here are some more pictures from our vacation.

On one morning, Hotness & I had breakfast at Liquid Planet. We ordered coffee and crepes (mmm... yummy!)

Mine is in the foreground; a "shroomlette" with egg, mushrooms, cheese, and green onions. Hotness had a berry crepe with lots of fresh, mixed berries and whipped cream.

My brother called me the night before we left for Montana. He and some friends had gone to Sturgis for the bike rally, and was coming back through Missoula on his way home.
We caught up with him just a little bit outside of town.
Our mom would be so proud!

Hotness and some of her friends from high school:

Here is the Big Dipper sign.

Great ice cream and certainly a place to stop at during a visit to Missoula during the summer!

One of the popular watering holes in town is "The Rhinoceros".

I've been buying T-shirts from there for the last few years, but never actually had a drink there... until this year.
The Hotness & I each enjoyed a shot of some fine Jose Cuervo La Reserva Tequila.
Expensive, but very smooth.
Another good tequila to add to my list of favorites!

Well, again... we had a ton of fun and good times. We took somewhere around 300 pictures between the two of us. W-a-y too many to post on here, but at least you got to see a few and get an idea of what we did and where we went.

Oh! Here's one other for you:

Hmm... that might explain why there was so much smoke during our visit.

Anyway, that's all for our Missoula trip.

Other things coming up soon are:
State Fair in Monroe
Weird Al Yankovic in concert
Labor Day weekend camping trip

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