Apr 16, 2009

For Lack Of Anything Intersting Happening

Seems like a lot of us are on "blog hiatus" recently.

Other than my ECCC convention reports, I really haven't had anything happen worth blogging about.
Stuff is coming up that'll be worth mentioning on here, but nothing just yet.

So until then, I have some random crap I found on the interwebs that I thought I'd share with ya'll.

Some 'circuitry snacks' for all you budding electrical types out there.

These look like a a lot of fun to make! I'll have to find a reason for making them soon.
(By way of the Presfurfer)


More geeky goodness.
A 'Missile Command' skirt.

Yeah. Awesome.
Too bad I couldn't get Hotness to wear one.


Intersting news from Russia.
Hairdresser turns robber into 'sex slave'.
Rawr! You go tiger!

Well, that's about it for now.
Stay tuned.....

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