Apr 11, 2009

Salty, Smoky Goodness

The world's most perfect food just became even more perfect.

Researchers in England have discovered that bacon actually helps to cure hangovers better than other so-called remedies.

It's been a handed down remedy for years, but people assumed that food was 'soaking up' the alcohol which wasn't the case.
And having worked as a dishwasher for a while, I can attest to the enormous amounts of 'breakfast food' (pancakes, eggs, toast, and even bacon) that would get ordered shortly after the bars closed. Ironically enough... I never saw any leftover bacon on the plates I had to clean.

So in looking around the internet for other bacon-related information to go along with this tidbit of news, I discovered that Daniel Craig (the most recent James Bond) had a huge hankering for "Bacon Butties" while on the set during the filming of the last 007 movie.

Sounds like just the thing to have the morning after drinking all those "Vesper martinis", eh?

I did a search for a recipe and found various versions, including a scientifically proven formula for the "perfect" recipe.
They all sounded good, but there were a few constants amongst them all:
The bread must have a crispy crust
The bacon must also be crispy, so thin-sliced bacon is better than the thick-sliced variety
Sauce is optional, but ketchup seems to be one of the most commonly used

I'm thinking of trying one of these (in the interest of science, of course!) and see what all the fuss is about. It's very popular across the pond apparently.

If any of you have had one before (or try it our after reading this), please let me know what you thought of it in the comments.

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