Apr 2, 2009

Just In Time

After having a total blast of fun last weekend, I woke up on Monday feeling off-kilter.
I immediately starting taking extra vitamin C and echinacea w/ zinc to ward off any bad "cold germ" mojo.

It seems to have worked for the most part.
I'm not at 100 % yet, but I'm feeling about 75 - 80% right now, which isn't too bad.
I'll be running on adrenaline during the show, so that'll make up for whatever 'health' I'm lacking.
Unfortunately I'll just have to be prepared to CRASH after the show is over when my system realizes I've overworked it.

But wait! That's not all.
On Tuesday I broke out in a rash and couldn't figure out why. It was all over my body in splotches and especially my hands and head.
I suffered through it and it seemed to get a little better by that evening.
Then on Wednesday morning, while I was in the shower it happened again, only this time more severely.

Apparently I was allergic to something in the soap that I was using. Hotness had just put a brand new bar in the shower on... you guessed it, Tuesday.
So by the second time I was using it my body said "Whoa! This isn't cool, so I'm going to turn all red and rash-like now!"
So Wednesday was actually worse than the day before, and it continued to itch and hurt into that evening.

It's getting much better, thanks to an oatmeal bath, some hydrocortisone and lots of moisturizer.
The red spots aren't so red and it doesn't itch as much.
I'm hoping it'll all be gone by Friday so I wont look like a patchwork freak for the show.

This stuff couldn't have happened at a better time, I tell ya!

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Elwood said...

That's why you weren't at the Stop on Wednesday. Oh well. I put your toys back in your box. Thanks for the loan!