Sep 24, 2008

31 Years Of Awesome

On Sunday, Hotness and I joined the Comic Stop Social Club to help celebrate Technogreek's 31st birthday.

We all went bowling at the Lucky Stike Bowling lanes in Bellevue.

It was a hoot!

I haven't bowled in years, so it was fun getting together with everyone and just having fun knocking pins over.

Much alcohol was consumed and merriment ensued in the proper birthday tradition.

We bowled for a couple of hours, then we all headed north to his brother's place to have cake and watch him open presents.

We all had a good time and Technogreek was happy to spend the day with his friends.

He snagged some nice birthday gifts, including a copy of last year's ECCC program signed by all the staff & volunteers and graded by CGC.

Happy (belated) Birthday wishes dude!

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Dr. Zoltar said...

I had forgotten about that signed program. Looks awesome! I'm glad I got the punch effect spot.