Sep 1, 2008

Monday - Bumbershoot

And to finish off the long weekend.... I went to Bumbershoot to see The Offspring in concert (and check out all the visual arts, eat more bad-for-you food and watch people).

I got up early to get ready and go meet G-rod.
I was parking my car at his place and we were going to carpool into the city together.
It worked out great, as we found a FREE parking spot just a couple of blocks up the hill from Seattle Center.

We got in line but still had an hour wait before the gates opened, so we walked to Easy Street Records and browsed around for a while to kill time.

About 11:00 a.m. we got into line again and then into the Center to experience everything Bumbershoot had to offer.

I still like going, but they've changed it a lot in the few years I've been going. I noticed a lot fewer merchants than in the past, and those few that were there were mostly new ones.
It's got a lot of corporate representation everywhere, but I guess that's the nature of the beast. Especially one that has gotten as big as this.

The weather started out overcast but there were quite a few people making their way hither and yon thorughout the place.
G & I mostly walked from one end of the event to the other grabbing as much freebie give-away crap as they were offering. The Offspring weren't scheduled to play until around 3:15, so we had a few hours to look around before we had to be at the arena.

We headed over to catch the rock poster art on display (and sale) at Flatstock. We checked out the visual art displays in the Northwest rooms, but weren't very impressed with what they were calling "art". (A clear plastic umbrella on a black raised stage is considered a "statement"? Whatever.)

It was getting to be after noon, so we got some food. I got a blackened salmon caeser salad, while G had a gyros and corn on the cob. Both our meals were really overpriced, but we got free parking so I guess it equals out.

Not a whole heck of a lot to really tell you. There was lots too look at but we never really stayed in any one place that long. We sort of milled about until it was time to go to concert.

At 2:40 p.m. we got in the line that was working it's way into the mainstage and decided to stay way in the back rather than go onto the floor to watch the concert. There were so many people down there:

At 3:15 (right on time) the band came out and started right in playing. They did a great set with a lot of the songs from their "Americana" CD being played. The ended the set by playing "Self Esteem" and challenging the fans in the front to try and break the record for most people to crowd surf at one of their concerts.

The overcast weather got better and better so that by the time we were left after the concert it was getting next to impossible to make your way through the crowds to get anywhere.
We wandered up one side and then back down the other and decided we'd seen enough and it was time to go home.
Here are more crowd pics:

That is a LOT of people!

I passed this on our way through the crowds:

Um... here's a thought.
How about for $10 we put that money towards feeding the hungry instead of wasting it by writing our name on food?
I guess I'm just old-fashioned.

And this was some impromptu art on a dumpster on our way back to the car:

When we got to the car I called a couple of friends who offered to give me some composting worms for my bin that I made. We went to their place and had dinner with them and the kids (who were VERY excited to see us).
After we ate we all went to the backyard to get the worms but the kids kept pulling me aside to feed me blueberries they'd picked (or have me pick the ones they couldn't reach).
Then it was off towards home again.

A very busy weekend spent with friends every day. I had a great time but man, I'm exhausted!

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