Sep 14, 2008

Of Art And Absinthe

Saturday Hotness and I did errands which included taking some of my comic art over to the Redmond Comic Stop to put it on display in the new store.

Mike has been putting up a few of his personal pieces and I asked if he'd like me to bring some of mine to help fill up the walls.
"Sure," he said. So I brought my Steve Rolston TMNT comic pages that I had framed.
They are the same ones that were hanging up in the Lynnwood shop for the past year.
I thought a new home would be nice for them for a while.
If you stop into Redmond Town Center and pop into the Comic Stop while you're there, they 'll be hanging up on the wall (most likely behind the cash register).

While we were in Redmond, I stopped at the liquor store to see if they might have any Absinthe.
I saw some on sale in Montana, as it has been OK'd by the liquor control board in recent years for purchase, and have been waiting to see if I can get it here in Washington State.
Lo and behold! They did have it!
Granted it's not the hallucinogenic form that caused Vincent Van Gogh to cut his ear off and was subsequently banned by most countries for the past 90 or so years but it is still brewed in the same fashion (and there are ways to make it like it used to be).
Me so happy!

That evening, Hotness and I went over to our neighbor's place and played Redneck Life for a few hours.
We had a good time, but just so you know... Hotness is a sore loser!
I got "the finger" on many occasions and was called an 'ass-clown' on many more while she was losing.
It may have been the alcohol talking but I suspect not.

Overall, though, we had a fun.... and Hotness actually came in second, so it wasn't all that bad.

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