Sep 28, 2008


When I updated the layout on this blog I forgot to include the Google Analytics code to keep track of my visitors (and how they find me).

It's a fun little add-on and I realized when I went to include the code, that I hadn't checked the reports in quite a while.
So I just toodled around checking it out just now, and you know what?
I STILL don't get any referrals for porn searches.
All the cool kids get funky sex-related searches, but not me.

Looking through the keywords I had things like:
blue tarp camper
camping smell
I like the way this guy smells (for real. this was one of the searches)
giant grilled spider
sour cheese smell in or on my wall
80's j-pop
and variations of "smell" and "camping" with other words thrown in.

I must be doing something wrong.
I think my new goal is going to be throwing in a lot more "obscene" keywords into my posts, or just having post titles that can be construed as sexual references.
That ought to increase traffic to my sight.... only disappoint people when they get here.

1 things people had to say:

Elwood said...

I haven't had any porn-related hits either, really. A few like "(random WNBA player) + boobs" but nothing too incriminating.

Which makes me sad. We must try harder.