Dec 10, 2008

The Barfy Baby

Awww.... isn't he a cutie?
This story is about him, but since I don't like to encourage stalkers, we'll call him "Pete".

Pete's mom and I work at the same company.
For the past few weeks, Pete has been coming into work with his mom and spending the morning with us until his 'ride' comes to pick him up for daycare.
He's generally a pretty happy guy except when he's reached time for a nap, but even then he's still a very agreeable little fellow.

We have an open office layout where we work, so everybody can see Pete and he can see all the people in the office and those from the warehouse who wander through occasionally.
It keeps him entertained (especially when we stop to play with him) and everybody thinks Pete is pretty cool.

Well, the other morning (Monday, to be exact), Pete was sitting behind his mom playing with a toy. I saw him on my way to the fax machine and he was just having a good time.
I sent off my fax, made some small talk with someone in accounting and headed back to my desk.
On the way, I glanced over at Pete and noticed that he was running his fingers through something on the floor. Wait... What is....... Oh! He spit up!
"Hey Pete, you don't want to play with that, " I said as I picked him up so his mom could get out of her desk and clean him up. (He was directly behind her, so she hadn't seen what he'd done yet).

I'm holding him, she's cleaning off his pants and shirt, and Pete is thinking "Hey neat! They're playing with me!"
His mom had to get some more paper towels to clean him off and asked me to turn him around so she could get his other side. "No problem," I said.

I turned him around and lifted him up to make him more accessible. He was now face-to-face with me at about head level.
"Hi Pete," I said "You're mom's coming back to clean you off some more, so I'm going to hang on to you for a minute."
"Awesome!" thought Pete and then proceeded to stuff his baby barf-covered hand into my mouth.

One of my other co-workers saw this and started laughing. I winced because I was NOT expecting that.
Pete saw my reaction and saw the other person laughing.... so he did it again.
Now she was laughing harder, and I kept trying to dodge his little hand but this only served to entice him some more. Into my face again went his hand.

By this time my co-worker was almost in tears from laughing so hard, I was trying not to get sick myself, and little Pete was laughing (in the way that happy babies laugh) at how everyone was reacting to him.
Then he slapped his hand onto my face, right smack onto my glasses and drug his hand down.

Around this time his mom had returned and finished cleaning him off.
My other co-worker was doubled-over laughing, Pete was laughing, and I was going "Ew! Ew! Ew!"

Pete's mom took him from me and let me go, and I promptly went to the restroom to wash my face and mouth. Then I went to my car to get my eyeglass cleaner so I could see again (without having to look through a vomit-induced haze)

And that was how my workweek started, and all within the first couple of hours on Monday.

How're things going for you?

3 things people had to say:

Janeen said...

Oh, the stories I could tell! But I have to admit that I don't think I've ever had any of his pukey fingers in my mouth before. ;)

Elwood said...

Be honest...Puke Hand Luke sticks his vomit paws into someone else's mouth, you're ROTFLYAO right?

Mike Miller said...

Your misfortune has brightened my week to be sure... so there you go... I mean at least you got a damn funny story out of it.