Dec 13, 2008


So it snowed last night (melted a little during the day) and is snowing again.
Then the temp is going to drop way low.... like into the 'teens. Brrrr!
Not looking forward to any of that in the least, as we live out in the hills at a higer elevation than most. This means we:
a) get more snow than everyone else (other than the ski slopes)
b) get colder temps than down in town
c) lose our power often

This is going to become interesting if this snow melts just enough to make everything wet (i.e the roads) and then freezes.
I may just get a sled and scoot downhill into work. Of course, I'll have to walk uphill all the way home afterwards. On second thought.... Nah.

Tonight, we're going next door to watch a movie and have dinner with our neighbor. I've got a pork shoulder in the crockpot smothered in barbeque sauce just cooking nice 'n slow.
We're going to have pulled BBQ pork sandwiches and potato chips tonight.
In the meantime, Hotness and I are gearing up to do some holiday baking.
And by "we", I mean mostly me. Although I will admit... she makes a terrific banana bread.

Well anyway, here's your arbitrary picture of Hotness looking cute with our snow-covered backyard behind her:
I took this shortly after we got back home this afternoon from running into town to check the roads.

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