Dec 11, 2008

Garden d'Lights

The other night, Hotness and I went out to see the Bellevue Botanical Garden's Holiday light display, Garden d'Lights with some friends.

Neither of us had been before, so this was a new treat for us and a nice change from driving into different neighborhoods looking at houses (which is fun too).

The light displays are spread out over the garden grounds and they had a "critter map" for kids of all ages to locate the different animals that were scattered throughout the displays. I guess if you found all of them, you got a prize... but since we weren't keeping track, I don't know what the 'prize' was.

Here are a few pictures of what we saw:

(Willie the slug)

Afterwards, we went back to their house and had dinner (yummy prawn Caesar salad with olive cheese bread!) and called it a night.

The Garden d'Lights are free (that's right... FREE!!!) although donations are greatly appreciated to help keep it going, so if you're looking for some cheap holiday entertainment, this was certainly fun to go to.

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