Dec 21, 2008

I Come From The Land Of Ice And Snow

Not to beat a dead horse, but it's still snowing.

Last night, we went to our neighbor's to play games and have dinner. Originally we were going to go over to see my mom and have dinner with them before Christmas, but the weather put the kibosh on that real quick.
So instead we went the the neighbor's house (right behind us) and had BBQ pork sandwiches, potato salad, and coleslaw. Afterwards we played some "Redneck Life" and around 11:30 p.m. we drove the 100 yards (in the snow, otherwise we'd have walked) back to our house.

After getting the fire started back up again, Hotness curled up in front of the stove and I got online to check email.
When suddenly.... the power went out. Then came back on a minute later. And in another 30 minutes went out again for the remainder of the night.
Just great. Now we HAVE to keep the fire going or we'll freeze to death.

This morning, we got up (still no electricity) and drove down to town to get gas and have breakfast.
While we were eating we got a call that the power had come back on. Yay! Only 12 hours without electricity. I think that's a new record for our area.

I'm going to have to ride into town tomorrow morning with Hotness and then catch a ride with a co-worker in order to get to my work. The snow is just w-a-y too deep for me to attempt driving in it unless I want to be a mini-snowplow.
This could be interesting.

In the meantime I thought I'd post some more random pics from around the Ferretnick homestead for your viewing pleasure:
As you can see... it's a bit problematic for me to get my car out of my parking area.
It really doesn't matter if I have snow tires at this point.

A couple of trees in our yard and our mailboxes right across the street from them.

While I'm posting pics of my car, here are a couple of unusual ones;
This one is the mileage my car was at the other night. I thought is was interesting that the trip meter and odometer were all 6's & 9's.

This pic is from one of the traffic cams along my route to work.
On Wednesday one of my co-workers was checking the traffic to see how the commute was and just happened to see my car there waiting for the light.

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Elwood said...

The traffic cam shot is pretty awesome.