Jan 1, 2009

I Had A Dream Last Night

Well, actually it was this morning.
But I had this dream and it's unusual for for me to remember them, so I thought I'd share it.

In my dream:
I'm teenager and for whatever reason, I'm having to share my bed with my brother. It's a big enough bed for both of us but at some point he's worked his way over to my side and is now sticking his knees (and /or feet) into my back, forcing me to scoot to the edge of the bed.

I finally have enough and push him back yelling at him to stay on his side and quit pushing.
Right after I do that, I hear my mom say, "No! Don't go in there. Just let them be."
But a few seconds later my step-dad shows up and is standing right above me with his right arm raised in preparation to hit me.
I look up at him and think about what to say, knowing that the wrong thing with bring certain pain... but I don't know what the "wrong thing" is.
So I say, "I'm just trying to get room so I can sleep. He keeps pushing me."
My step-dad stands there for a moment, lowers his arm, and then walks out of the room.

And right then I woke up.

I know that dreams are your brain's way of working out stuff that has happened during the day in your subconscious, but this is really odd.
1) My brother and I were separated when we were young and he never lived with me during my teenage years.
2) When we did live in the same house, we never had to share a bed.
3) My step-dad never hit me. In fact, we got along very well. Even when he tried to "act tough", I saw through it and we had a laugh.
We were very close up until the time he and my mom were separated. Since then, I've had no contact with him.

I can't think of ANYTHING that would have triggered this to occur in my dreams, so... WTF?

I have some of the strangest dreams sometimes.

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Elwood said...

You should probably lay off the frozen banana guacamole right before bed.