Jan 9, 2009

The Isle Du'Vall

So it's been on the news and if you live in this state you're already more than familiar with what's been going on. But if you're not from around here, I'll re-cap briefly:
During the middle to end of December, western Washington got dumped on with snow. (We personally had just about 3 feet at the Ferretnick homestead)
Then it kind of slacked off and started to melt, only to have the temps rise and the rain to come pouring in, which has now caused major flooding thoughout the west side of the Cascades.

See this picture?
It's the main road I take EVERY day to and from work which was covered with water the last couple of days. Looks like I'll be taking an alternate route for a while now.

So enough of that.
What you really want to know is... how have I managed to face the fury of nature's wrath and survive?

Well, for starters; yesterday I called into work and said I wasn't going to make it in. All three roads into and out of town were submerged, and until that cleared I couldn't go anywhere.
Then I parked my butt at my computer and updated my Facebook page. (Troubling times call for instant sharing, you know)
After that went to the couch where I watched "Rocky & Bullwinkle" on DVD for a bit as I ate Lucky Charms for breakfast.

That was pretty much my entire day until around 2:00 p.m. when I decided to brave the elements and drive into town to visit my friends and play with my niece and nephew.

I haven't seen them since before Christmas (and that's actually quite a long time for me to have not seen them).
My niece showed me her Princess Barbies that she got for Christmas then we played a game.
The game was fun but her attention was soon lost on playing it after the first round.

Then I had the idea of making sock puppets with her.
Her mom went and got a few stray socks, buttons and some needle & thread, and my niece and I made up a couple of nifty-looking sock puppets. I let her name them, but for the life of me I can't remember what she called them.
Her dad got a some pictures of us, but I didn't have them to add to this post yet. (I'll post them at a later date)

I got a call from Hotness (who actually was able to work from home yesterday and today) and said she and a neighbor we going to eat downtown and asked if I wanted to join them.
About that same time, I was invited to a "beach party" at a friend's house in town.
They were inviting everybody over to hang out (in appropriate 'beach' attire) and have fun to take our minds off of the flooding, rain, and general poor weather.
I stopped in to say "hi" for a bit then continued down into town where I had dinner.

Afterwards, we went to the outskirts of town to see how high the water was on the roads before coming back home and going to bed.

It was a terribly rough journey through the ravaged wasteland that is my hometown, but somehow I perservered and made the best out of it.

Coming up soon:
Begging for money
Cat issues

2 things people had to say:

Mike Miller said...

That road looks fine, maybe a little gravel-y but fine... aw who am I kidding that road is rightiously f'ed up!

Glad you survived the floodlands pal!

word verification: Micitgu - Ancient Aztec god of shrimp.

Missy said...

The damage to that road is insane.