Jan 8, 2009

Say 'Allo To My Leetle Friend!

My toe is doing much, much better.
I was able to wear a shoe on my foot all day yesterday after I changed the bandage on it.

I replaced it with this stylish one:

Trendy, no? I think my Hobbit feet add an extra special touch.

I only had to take the Vicodin that first night so I still have the rest of the bottle (all 11 remaining pills) calling to me from the medicine cabinet with their siren song of sweet, sweet pain relief.


In other news:
Hotness and I are at home today, stranded due to the flooding that has closed off all three roads into and out of our town.
We are fine, as we sit way up on the hill away from town. So if it flooded out here, you wouldn't be reading this as you'd have problems of your own with the water.

We can get into town. Just not out of it.
I think it'll be fine (as fine as can be anyway) by tomorrow.

In the meantime, I'll be on the couch watching Rocky & Bullwinkle season one.

Later ya'll. I'm going to watch Bullwinkle pull a rabbit out of his hat.......

2 things people had to say:

Mike Miller said...

That is a manly band-aid sir!

Flooding keeps causing shipment to be cancelled at my work so I keep getting shifted to customer service shifts where I ring up angry soccer moms.

Dr. Zoltar said...

You know those band-aids glow in the dark, right?