Jan 20, 2009

Inauguration Day 2009

Well, it's over.
President-elect Obama is now officially President Obama of the United States. The Leader of the Free World. The Commander-in-Chief.
Over 1 million people showed up in Washington D.C. to day to watch the festivities and be a part of history.

It's awesome, and I'm glad to see people are fired up and excited about what's going on.
We watched the inauguration at work on our computers, as I'm sure countless others across the nation did as well.

But I have to admit... I wasn't a big "Obama supporter" during the election so I'm still kind of luke-warm about how "awesome" he is.
I voted for him simply because the alternative was NOT an option.

Don't get me wrong, please. I think he's very qualified and will work hard to undo all the crap that the previous administration brought on us.
I certainly hope so at least. I don't want my trust to be abused and another four years of disappointment.

I think a lot of my 'tepidness' stems mostly from the media constantly reminding us that he's black.
Yeah? So what? That's supposed to make a difference?
I thought "all men are created equal.... blah blah blah".
Is the fact that we don't share the same color skin supposed to make him more or less of a capable President that the ones before him?
The two previous Presidents were white (I shouldn't have to remind you) and look what happened.
In this age of not letting race become an issue, they sure want to remind us about him not being white.

President Obama is a human being with human failings.
I'm sure he's going to be scrutinized even more closely by all sides and will be under tremendous pressure during his entire administration.
But I don't see him as a knight in shining armor ready to take on the dragon and save us all.
I see him more as somebody who took what they were given and made the best out of it and has accomplished what a select few are ever able to do. ANYBODY is capable of doing that, but few ever succeed.
But if he can inspire the rest of the nation to do the same, more power to him.

I truly wish him all the best.
He's going to have a hard road to travel.

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Janeen said...

Yeah, but has he picked a dog yet?