Jan 13, 2009

I'm A Kid At Heart

I really am, if you didn't already know that.

I've been thinking about the comic book conventions that are coming up and I'm getting excited to not only go to them but to be a part of them.
They're still about 3 months away, but that time goes by pretty quickly.

I'm close to 40 (I'll be 39 in a few days), but for those days at the convention I'm a 12 year-old.
Every year my enthusiam gets stronger even though I'm getting older.
Running around, hanging out with friends and peers, and the comic books. Oh! The comic books!

I guess what makes it really exciting is that I get to be with the guests on a more personal level, rather than stuck in a line waiting to see/talk to them.
Yeah so, I'm making sure they have water to drink so they don't get parched. And I'm taking them lunch when it's ready. Or making sure they have a chance to use the restroom.
It's not glamorous stuff, but it's more than some fans ever get to do.

And I've made a lot of friends doing it. Not just the friends through the comic store (who are all very cool and fun to hang around with), but the repeat guests that have gotten to know me and remember me every year.

It may seem funny to you if comics aren't your thing, but when the show is getting set-up and I'm there helping put up banners or move tables and a guest walks in and says "Hey Tom! Good to see you again this year." That makes me feel awesome.

I watch the guest list grow as the shows get closer, and I remember certain things about some of them.
Stuff that helps make it a fun show for them as well and make them comfortable being there.
* "Oh! Steve's going to be back. I'll make sure to have some energy drinks on ice for him so he won't have to go get them."
* "Hey, great! Greg's coming back. And he's bringing his kids. I'll be sure have some kid-friendly snacks handy for them in case they forget."
* "Right on! Brian and his wife will be returning. I totally have to bring him those concert CD's I promised him last time."
That kind of stuff.

And then there's also the fans I've met in line.
I met one who came all the way over from Europe just to be at Seattle for the show, and it was his first comic convention he'd ever been to.
Then there was the TMNT fan who had the four Turtles tattooed on his leg.
And there are a few fans who've been coming year after year that catch me outside before the show opens to show me their sketches and who they are planning to get more from this year.
Not to mention that I've now got my mom coming to the show and she has a blast meeting all the people that know me.

Also, I have the coolest girlfriend.
She not only lets me indulge in my adolescent endeavors, but is an active participant in the show as well.
It's fun to take the weekend off and spend it at the show and see her there having fun as well.

So can you tell I'm excited?
Less than 12 weeks to go for ECCC and I'm already freaking out (in a good way).

I'll most likely be talking about this more as they get closer, but I was thinking about it lately and just wanted to say how cool it is to still be a kid.

3 things people had to say:

Mike Miller said...

Hell yes freaking out in a good way! And remember this year you will be joined in volunteering by none other than Mike Miller, Robot Fighter! I sense good times are on the way!

Ferretnick said...

We will definitely need your superior robot fighting skills (or is it "skillz?) at this year's convention.
Looking forward to having you aboard!

Elwood said...

Yes. Good Times.