Feb 8, 2009

At A Grocery Store Near You

Yesterday Hotness and I went out and did some running around which took us out to Lynnwood at the Comic Stop.

While we were there, I said; "You haven't been inside H-mart yet. You gotta check it out."

So check it out we did. Here's what we saw:

Diggin' the squid.

These little dudes were just hanging out waiting to be purchased.
Either that, or it was a mass migration gone horribly wrong.

Mmmmm.... nothing sounds better than a slice of cooked pork's ass.

These look tasty, no?
Hold on. Let's take a closer gander at that label...

"LIVE" Red Snapper?
I think not, my friend.

Hotness pointed this out to me:
Why are there only three feet in a package, when pigs normally come with four?
Unless there's an overabundance of three-footed pigs running around on a farm somwhere.
But then if there was... I guess they wouldn't be "running" eh?

And finally, the pic of the day:
It's hard enough to tell what's in the package so let's look at the label.
This truly, is a "WTF" moment friends.
I thought this is what they use in hotdogs, but apparently you can eat them "plain".
Frankly, that cooked pork's ass is sounding much better to me now.

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