Feb 19, 2009

"David's Story"

Everybody knows I loves me the Terry Moore stuff!
So today on his blog he posted up a link for a video based on a storyline he did in "Strangers in Paradise".
The acting is a bit 'wooden', but it's an independent amateur film so you get what you get.
But overall, I think they did a good job filming it.

In case you aren't familiar with the book; David is one of the main characters of the story and this chapter (titled "David's Story") talks about how he killed somebody but was cleared of the crime due to his family's ties to the Yakuza.
He realizes how he has ended a life which had dreams and plans but is now going nowhere because of his actions, and the guilt gets to him.

"Strangers in Paradise" is one of those comics that I can't recommend enough to anybody who hasn't yet read it. And "David's Story" is the tale of one person's wasted years and their trying to atone for earlier mistakes.
Really good stuff.

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