Feb 11, 2009

Where Has the Time Gone?

I let it slip by without mentioning it on here because honestly.... BOTH of us totally forgot.
But on Monday, Feb. 9th Hotness and I had our 11th anniversary.
Not a "wedding" anniversary, mind you since we're still 'livin' in sin', but we have been together for 11 years now. (Well.. 11 years and two days now that I'm posting about it)

Usually we do something on that day (i.e. exchange cards, go out to dinner, etc...) but neither one of us remembered about that day being special. There's been alot on our minds recently (something I'll be posting about very soon, but just not right now) and it wasn't until a good friend called me on Tuesday morning to wish us well that I finally realized we had missed it.

I went out after work and picked up a card last night and on Sunday night we went to a movie and watched "He's Just Not That Into You", so it's not like we haven't spent any time together.
But Monday came and went without any fanfare.


3 things people had to say:

Elwood said...

Happy Anniversary!

I am assured that your relationship is solid, since seeing that movie on an anniversary might be seen as counter-productive by less secure people. :)

Ferretnick said...

Thank you!

sistersofblackness said...

Congrats yo two. It seems like just yesterday that you started to date.