Feb 23, 2009

Weekend Update

Nothing amazing to report from the weekend. Just thought I'd catch ya'll up on things.

On Friday I got some DVD's that I ordered on Amazon.
Tokyo Gore Police
Meatball Machine

I haven't watched the first two yet, but a review will be forthcoming once I get a chance for them.

The third movie, though, I did watch that evening.
It's hard to say whether it was a really good movie or not-so-great. It was a foreign film, so those are usually a bit 'artsy' and kind of subjective to each person's tastes.
I will tell you this;
It's a French film, and it's presented in reverse order. Meaning, that you see the ending (credits and all) and then watch as the movie moves backwards to see how it ended the way it did.
One of the downsides (for me) is that it is filmed in that jerky, constant movement type of camera-style. So especially at the beginning of the movie (or actually the "end") the camera moves around. A LOT.
Not very easy to watch and read subtitles and keep track of what's happening onscreen. Especially when you're as prone to motion-sickness as I am.
It does taper off and become more steady as the film moves backwards towards the beginning.

There is one scene in particular that is very difficult to watch right near the middle.
It's a rape scene and it is fucking brutal. I was uncomfortable watching it, even though I know they are actors and it wasn't real. In fact part of it was digital effects. Still, it's not pretty and it'll make you squirm, hoping that it ends quickly... which it doesn't.

Would I recommend this movie?
Only if you're into foreign films that are sort of avant-garde, and you don't mind a bunch of unsteady camera movement.
The sound track is pretty good. One of the members of Daft Punk did the music for a club scene, so it's got that going for it.
Plus.. it has Monica Bellucci. And her ta-ta's. That's a bonus.
But the ending (which you start at) is messed up for sure, and that rape scene is really hard to get over even when you're done watching the movie.
Saturday, I went into Lynnwood and met up with Elwood for lunch.
We went to Red Robin and grabbed burgers and just caught up with each other.
Then we went back to the Comic Stop for a bit and while we were hanging out there a couple of people came in to pimp their locally produced comic book based on a post-apocolyptic zombie attack.
Yes. I said zombies. Way cool.

I don't know much about the book other that it's a photo-comic, much like "Crater on the Moon" or "Dorothy" and it's written and produced right here in Washington.
It's called "Night Zero".
You can check out more about it on their website. Or, if you're coming to ECCC this year you can check it at out their booth.

That evening, I went over to the neighbor's and we ate pizza and watched the first couple of episodes of "The Dollhouse".
I liked it, but only a couple of shows into it I'm not overwhelmed yet. I think I'd like to see how it develops more before making a real opinion of it. It was brainless fun to watch though.
Sunday I spent doing laundry and dishes before Hotness came back home.
Really exciting. Oh yeah.
I did manage to go through my T-shirts and bagged up a bunch of ones I no longer wear or have been hanging onto for years (but just couldn't get rid of).
I managed to clear out at least a drawer and a half which is pretty impressive.

Then I made a calzone for dinner and watched "Secretary" before calling it a night and going to bed.
Today Hotness came back home.
Her mom's health is continuing to deteriorate, but she wasn't able to stay any longer.
Her brother is taking over the duties of being there and will fill us in as the days continue to go by. Unfortunately and thankfully it won't be much longer.

My niece and nephew got back from their little mid-winter vacation... and they brought their parents back with them.
I'm looking forward to seeing them all soon and hearing all about their trip.

And that brings us up-to-date.
I hope you all had a good weekend and were able to make the best of it.

2 things people had to say:

Elwood said...

When you were telling me about "Irreversable" you failed to mention Monica Bellucci and her ta-tas. When you've finished all 3, I'd like to "rent" them from you.

Ferretnick said...

No problem.
I'll leave 'em in your box and send you a text when they're there for you.