May 12, 2009

Garden Of Eatin'

One thing I've always enjoyed doing, but never got to do enough of, was have a garden.

I had one when I was a teenager, but never really had much luck with it.
It's not that I don't have a green thumb, I just didn't have a great location (very shaded) and the soil was pretty poor.
The plants never really did well, but it didn't stop me from trying anyway.

I've been wanting to put in a garden at "Casa de Ferretnick" ever since we moved out there a few years ago.
This year, I'm finally starting to make that dream a reality.

On Saturday, I planted a bunch of seeds in a starter tray.

I realize I'm kind starting it pretty late in the season, but they aren't going to grow by themselves. Uh... wait a minute. I guess they do.
Well, anyway you know what I mean.

Instead of digging up the yard, though. I'm going to container garden everything and keep them up on my deck. They'll be safe from the deer and I can control pesky slugs a lot easier.
Plus, if I want something all I have to do is walk out on the deck and pick it. I don't have to go "out to the garden".

I mostly planted a bunch of mixed salad greens but I also planted spinach, brussels sprouts, snap peas, green beans, radishes and tonight I'm planting some broccoli , green onions, and carrots.
I also planted some corn and mammoth sunflowers, although I'm planning on putting them in the ground at the south end of the house. I don't have any containers big enough for them.
Also, if I'm really lucky, I might even get some tomatoes this year as well.

So with any luck my deck will be a festival of food as the summer gets closer.

In the meantime, the flowers I have planted around the place are doing nicely.
My Columbines along the walkway are really big this year.

And my Bachelor Buttons are starting to break out in bloom finally.

It's nice to come home after work and see all the color as I walk to the door.
And I'm especially looking forward to being able to make a salad from food I've grown on my deck.

In other "garden" related news:
I didn't plant any of these

But then, I didn't know you could get them from a greenhouse.

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