May 22, 2009

" I Thought These Things Smelled Bad On The Outside"

Remember this little nugget of joy from ThinkGeek back on April 1st?

It was only a joke, but a very well-received one. So much so that some folks were going to to even try and make their own 'cause they thought it was so cool.

But check out this:
Tiny frozen Luke inside a dead Tauntaun as a craft project.
(more pictures here)

It's for an art gallery showing at the Bear and Bird Boutique in Florida this coming July.
The showing is called "Stitch Wars" and according to the site's description, it's a "group art exhibition featuring amazing handmade goods inspired by the most fabulous space opera ever made".

I'm sold. Who wants to vacation in Florida during mid-July through August? (Wait... Summer in Florida? On second thought, I'll pass)

(via Super Punch a few days ago)


But wait! That's not all!
As if that wasn't enough geektacular news for you, check out this custom Nintendo Wii.
The case has been modified into a Metroid Wii:
(Lots of different pictures of it here)

(also via Super Punch)

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Mica said...

This is so Cute!The baby is so adorable..