May 23, 2009

Investments For Suckers

Remember these?

Some of my favorite lines from this clip:
Girl: "... and if the fad ever dies out..."
Boy: "Which we all know will NEVER happen!"

Woman: "... and I found him. And he's uncut...."

Here's a funny article about them as well.

Ha ha ha!!!
Good thing I'm investing in comic books. I'll never have to worry about losing money on them. They're a sure bet to my financial future!

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Dr. Zoltar said...

Good stuff. The wife has a handful of Beanies (maybe 5), but never collected them as an investment nor paid more than MSRP for one. Why the heck would you pay $75-$100 for a tiny stuffed animal.

And comic books as an investment! Love it! I wonder how many grading companies give out a collective gasp when I get my issues signed by the writer and artist without a certified grader in attendance. "Your 'Invincible' #1 is worth nothing now!"