May 9, 2009

What's All The Hubub, Bub?

I went to see "Star Trek" this morning. It is teh awesome!
No need to give a review. If you haven't seen it yet, you must. It's the law.
'Nuff said.

To start the day, I had breakfast with some good friends and then we all headed to the theater to watch it.
Afterwards, I stopped at the hardware store before coming home.
It was a BEAUTIFUL day today, and the lawn is in much need of taming.
I picked up some motor oil for the mower and a few plants to put in my flower bed right in front of the entry door.
Then Hotness took off and mowed like crazy while I mixed up some Miracle-Gro and watered the outdoor plants. It's been such a late spring that I figured a little extra boost of "food" would probably help 'em out.

Things are coming up good... slowly, but good. The dang slugs have been munching on all the tender shoots that are poking up out of the ground, so I sprinkled slug bait around everything.
I expect to fine lots of dead, slimy carcasses in the morning. Bwa-ha-ha!
But at least the plants will have a fighting chance to grow now.

I planted some tomato seeds. I'm kind late actually getting to it in May, but we'll see. If I get some, great. If not, no harm done.
I'm planning on planting some salad greens in pots on my deck, as well. My hope is that I can pick what I need for a salad anytime I want without buying a whole head of lettuce or a bag of it and then have what I didn't need go bad in my fridge.

I FINALLY got the front tires on my car changed last night after I got home from work.
I still had my snow tires on. Every time I wanted to switch them, something would come up and I wouldn't have time or it was pouring rain when I'd get home.
Last night nothing was preventing me, so I jacked up the front end and did the ol' switcheroo on them.
Then I made a margarita and played some Guitar Hero until Hotness got home.

Hmmm.. let's see....
Oh! I bought an electric weed trimmer today. (On my second trip to the hardware store in town)
I have a big, heavy-duty, gas-powered Stihl trimmer but it's a little too powerful to use right next to the house.
On more than one occasion I've whacked the siding and made a mess. Now I have something that won't cause as much damage and Hotness can even use it if she wants.

Other than that, my week hasn't been that eventful.

I did come across a link I'll share with you though.
Do you like to see people looking ridiculous? Do you like to make fun of them?
Then check out: Look at this F#&*^%G Hipster

That's all for now.
Nothing terribly exciting, I'm afraid.
But aren't you glad I didn't have another boring post about the convention?

2 things people had to say:

Elwood said...

Did you see Trek at IMAX? If not, you totally should. It was magnificent.

Ferretnick said...

I'd like to but I'm afraid I might get motion sick watching it on that screen.
Otherwise I'd have joined you all the other night.