May 14, 2008

ECCC Saturday

After a evening of martini-induced sleep, we all awoke to Day One of the convention.

I had arranged to pick up coffee at Starbucks on my way in for the guests and volunteers, so I popped over across the street to pick it up and meet everyone at the convention center.

On the way up the escalator I took this picture of the banner welcoming everyone to the show:

People had already started lining up when I got there (about 7:00 a.m.) waiting to be the first in line to get in/get a sketch/buy stuff/etc...

It was nice to see people there that early. The show's reputation is starting to get around as one of THE shows to attend.

Some of the volunteer staff were already stuffing badges into the plastic holders, so I went into the main convention center room to square away any last minute things that needed to be done.

I and a few other volunteers got bottles of water, soda, etc.. on ice for when the guests would need it later. Then we all kind of walked around making sure everything was in order for the last minute.
Then 10:00 came, the doors opened, and the crowd POURED into the convention like a dam had burst!
After that, everything became a blur.

The ECCC booth soon was overwhelmed with people looking to buy the limited Tim Sale "Hulk" print.

I went by there and all I could see were bodies. I couldn't see the booth.

Then, after getting the print (if they were lucky before it sold out), they all rushed to Tim's line to get it signed.
His line immediately became a scene of chaos. We had to put up ropes to mark his line and organize the crowd into an orderly fashion... just within the first 15 minutes of the show!
After taking care of that, the same thing had to be done to Darick Robertson's line, as his also became quite a mess in a short amount of time.

It all worked out okay ond once those initial 'fires' were dealt with everything started to roll like normal.

Dr. Zoltar, Burnham and myself ran around on the show floor getting water, soda, etc.... as guests needed it.

That was pretty much our whole day.

I did have to leave the convention once to run and get lunch for Julie Benz and Jamie Bamber, but other than that I was on the floor the whole day.

As I ran around around, I checked with guests, exhibitors and a few random attendees to see how the show was going for them. Everyone I spoke with LOVED the new venue and was having a good time.
In fact, the only negative thing I heard was some guy who complained that there weren't enough of the "Hulk" prints and that we should've made more. (FYI dude, that's why it's called "LIMITED". Dork!)

After the show ended at 6:00, everyone (volunteers and promoters, anyway) headed out to get something to eat and chillax for the night.
Most of us ended up at the Rock Bottom and had a great time.

Hotness, Dr. Zoltar & his wife, and myself walked back to our hotel room and then collapsed into our beds for the night.

3 things people had to say:

Elwood said...

I am disappointed I didn't get one of the Tim Sale prints. Sigh.

Dr. Zoltar said...

Collapsed is right! That first day hurt. But it was the kind of hurt that doesn't catch up to you until you sit down to rest. Had all the new volunteers that committed to the show shown up, we wouldn't have had to run around as much. But we made it work. And yes, word is out that the ECCC is THE show to attend each year. Boo-yah!

Dr. Zoltar said...

Oh, and don't forget "Crack Whore" that we saw that we can add to the drug deal story.