May 14, 2008

Pre-Convention Friday

Elwood has a great report about how the show opened over on his blog, so I won't bore you with repetative details.
I'll just re-cap what I was involved in and how it all went down.

On Friday, Hotness and I took the day off from work. She had a hair appointment early in the day so we did that before heading to Seattle and checking into our hotel room we shared with Dr. Zoltar and his wife for the weekend.
I did some shopping at Bellevue Square Mall while I waited.
Pretty soon she was ready to go, so we left and went straight into Seattle with my car all loaded with luggage and crap to get signed at the show.

Upon arriving at the hotel and going inside, I noticed a cart with several boxes that appeared to be for the convention. They were marked CS MOORE Studios. I stopped and asked if they were part of the convention and found out that it was Clayburn Moore and his wife.

Later, as the four of chose which bed we'd take, Dr. Zoltar was looking outside and saw what appeared to be a drug deal taking place in the intersection across from our window. A car stopped at a GREEN light, blocking traffic. Another guy walked from the sidewalk and got into the stopped car. A few seconds later he exited and went back to the sidewalk and the car drove off.
I love the big city.

The better part of the day was spent stuffing badges into the plastic holders that attendees would be wearing at the show. Nothing real exciting, but hey... it's gotta be done.
I also wandered around the floor briefly to familiarize myself with the layout. I'd be running around and I needed to know who was going to be where so I didn't get lost.

Along the way, I got reaquainted with some of the vendors I've seen before and introduced myself to some new ones.

That evening, the four of us (Dr. Zoltar, his wife, Hotness and myself) had dinner at the restaraunt next to the hotel. It was dee-lish-ous! And after two martinis each, we headed back to our room to sleep before the big day coming up.

I had to make a quick run back to the desk to get more pillows (we were going to build a fort... NOT!) and when I stepped out of the elevator I ran into (quite literally) Dan DiDio from DC Comics.

That was pretty much all that happened Friday.

... and I'm out of time for lunch, so I'll get back to the show report soon!

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