May 1, 2008

Made It Back Alive

I am happy to report that I did not get detained by authorities in Canada, nor did I get eaten by a bear while I was there!

I did, however, have a metric butt-load of fun and I have many stories to tell you about.
I promise to get to them soon, but I am still wiped-out from my trip. Give me a day or two to get the pictures loaded on my computer and my new art scanned before I give you details of the events.
In the meantime, here are some teasers to look forward to:
1) Being nick-named "MacGyver"
2) Stealthly, ninja-like booth set-up manuevers
3) Slave Leia (giggity-giggity!)
4) Attending the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra
5) Making breakfast and bartending after the convention
6) Learning to play 'Mafia'
7) 24 hours without food
8) Losing my s**t when I met George Takei
9) "stolen" sketchbooks
10) Harrassing Darick Robertson
and much, much more!
Stay tuned.....
In other news, today is Holocaust Remembrance Day.
Please spend some time today in an effort to learn about the history of this day.
Maybe watch a historically significant film such as "Schindler's List" or "Anne Frank: The Whole Story".
History will repeat itself when we do not learn from it.

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Elwood said...

Nice teaser...I'm now doubly-anxious to hear your tales of Calgary.

Who wouldn't lose their s**t around Sulu?