May 21, 2008

Still Here

The reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated, I'm happy to say.

Things have been happening, just nothing I considered "blog-worthy" so I didn't want to post boring stuff... like how I had oatmeal for breakfast the other day and it was yummy.
But I figured I'd better put SOMETHING up on here, lest you all forget about me.

Here are some random pictures I've taken on my phone.
By the way... have a I mentioned how much I like my phone, lately? I really do!
I even use it to make phone calls every now and then.

My buddy Dug and Red posing for a pic at Red Robin before he & I went to see Iron Man.

Remember that freak snowfall we had in mid-April?
Well, here's what it looked like at my house that morning. That's my car underneath all that white stuff!

On the rack! At your local Target!
It's Gay Retard Superman!

(Batman was much cooler-looking though)

Hotness and I went to an Alpaca farm not far from our house (which is kind of misleading if you've actually ever been out to our house!)

The mighty G-rod, pimpin' it up!

And some nifty-looking "artsy" type pictures I thought were nice:
A collection of Jones Soda bottles in a cooler at one of the restaraunts in Sea-Tac airport.

A mosaic made up of different colored reflectors that was on display at Sea-Tac.

A wooden-rail stairwell at one of the shops in Banff, Canada.

1 things people had to say:

Elwood said...

HAH! I now have a new goal, and that is to work the "Gay Retard Superman" into everyday conversation.