May 15, 2008


As Dr. Zoltar mentioned in the comments from the last post, I forgot to mention our encounter with.... (Bum Bum Bum!) The Crackwhore!

When we all left the Rock Bottom, we walked back to our hotels. The four of us in the Roosevelt and most everyone else in the Hyatt across the street.

On our way, from out of one of the alleys came a woman(?) who looked very nearly like one of the undead characters in Robert Kirkman's "Walking Dead" comic.
She came out towards our group wearing hospital scrubs (was she recently from there? Had she escapded?), started talking some nonsense (or maybe I just couldn't hear her) and seemed fixated on Technogreek (but then... who isn't?).
She began lifting up the sleeve of her shirt to show off some kind of shoulder wound or infection... whatever it was, it was gross.

We managed to get by her without much incident or getting man-handled by her and she shuffled off back into the alley still yelling out to us (whatever it was she was saying).

We all made it back to our respective hotel rooms, having survived our mini-zombie apocalypse.

It was freaky for sure.
I feel bad 'cause in that situation what should you do?
Give her money? She'll just go buy drugs.
Just ignore her? She is a human being despite the state she was in and probably lonely.
Try to talk to her? Then she might start hanging all over you and not let you go which could pose it's own problems.

1 things people had to say:

Elwood said...

It's sad, but ingoring them is the best option, especially in this instance.

I never give them money. I would give them smokes, or pick up an extra cheeseburger or two if they were lingering outside of a fast food joint (or give up my doggie bag from whatever restaurant I was coming out of), but I'd never buy the booze or give them money.