May 21, 2008

More Art

One thing I did recently (and should have mentioned before now) was get more of my recent convention sketches and artwork scanned.

About 2 times a year, I get with my friend Dug and borrow his B-I-G ass scanner to copy some of the larger pieces I've gotten (and can't scan on the one I have at home).
I uploaded most of it over on my ComicArtFans page, but here are some of them to look at.

Here's Firestar from pin-up artist, Amano Jyaku.

This is a print that Eric Powell did for the Nashville Rollergirls.

And here is the awesome Red Sonja sketch I got from Stjepan Sedjic, the current artist on Witchblade.

He and his wife were really terrific people and I look forward to seeing them again soon!

A big thanks to Dug for helping me get these pieces scanned!
More to come soon.....

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