Oct 10, 2008

It's Gotta Be The NyQuil

I don't usually have really vivid dreams and when I do they are few and far between. I mean, like months from each other happening.

Occasionally I'll have the odd one, where I wake up and remember it, but it just doesn't happen to often. Most of the time I fall asleep and then open my eyes to a new day with no remembrance of what transpired throughout the night in my head.

But not these last few days.

I have been having some wacky dreams, and weirder still is that I remember them when I get up in the morning. Unfortunately they start to get fuzzy right after I wake up and by noon I've forgotten almost all but a few of the details about them.

For instance:
Wednesday night I dreamed that my former employers (from like 15 years ago) were putting on an aquarium display exhibit with lots of custom designed tanks and even explosions to set the 'mood'.
Then last night, I was on a field trip with some of my co-workers and some of my high school classmates... in Florida, a state I've only been to once in my life. And for whatever reason I was leaving the 'tour' over something to do with a fork.

I thought that dreams were supposed to be your brain's way of processing stuff you've experienced during the day, but what's up with these?!?

I'm thinking maybe I'll dope up tonight on more NyQuil, some Tylenol PM and a shot of tequila.
THAT ought to make for some fun times in slumber land, don't you think?

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