Oct 12, 2008

Worm Wranglin', Three Stooges... Etc.

It's been a while since I mentioned how it's coming along but I thought I'd update ya'll on my worm composting bin and how the little critters are doing.

I've been adding our leftover food scraps (banana peels, used tea leaves, and so forth...), making sure to bury it under the bedding with each new addition.
At first, the few worms I had were kind of scawny and not very plentiful.
Now that the weather has gotten colder recently, I wanted to see if the container was keeping them insulated enough or if they were dying off from the cold.
I opened the lid, pulled some if the bedding aside and lo and behold, there were many fat little worms wriggling around in the bin!
It looks like the cold hasn't affected them in the least and they seem to be loving the food, so things are going just great in the old composting bin. Huzzah!

At this rate, after Winter gets past I should have plenty of worms to spare if anybody is looking for some to start their own composting bin once Spring rolls around. (Ha ha! 'Spring rolls'!)

I recently saw on Amazon.com that you can now get all the Three Stooges shorts on DVD in four separate volumes.
Previously all I could ever find were a few of their most-played shorts repackaged on different DVD or VHS versions for around $15 to $20 a pop.
These new DVD releases not only have ALL the shorts, but they have them in chronological order which is kind of cool, I think.
So I was planning to order them (as they aren't expensive considering how many of the different Stooges shorts there are) after the next couple of paydays.

Then, on Friday night after work, I had to stop as Costco to pick up some incidentals and I was checking out the DVD's for sale and they had the same four volumes available. They were about the same price (AND I didn't have to pay for shipping, so really they were cheaper).
I got volume one, and later next week I'm going back to pick up the other 3 volumes.
So if you're a Stooges fan and you've been waiting to find them on DVD, well guess what? Now you can and pretty cheaply to boot!

I mention this because it's been my experience that only guys really like The Three Stooges. Girls just don't get into them that much. That's not to say I haven't met any women who did like them, but they've just been very few and far between.
So if you'll notice over to your right, near the top of the page, I've posted an informal survey.
It's been a while since I last did one of these, and I thought this would be a good excuse for another one.
I'd like to know.... do you like the Three Stooges or do you think they're lame?

Please notice that there are different responses based on whether or not you're a guy or a gal.
It's not to be sexist or anything, I'm just trying to see if it's true that guys get more of a kick out them or if I've been mistaken all these years.
Take a moment to do the survey and support unscientific research, won't you?

Well, other than that, I'm feeling much better.

I wasn't able to find a 'date' for the Joan Osborne concert until just yesterday, and then after I did... both shows were already sold out.
Oh well. Maybe I can catch her next time she's in town.

Not much else to say, so enjoy the end of your weekend and hopefully I'll have more interesting stuff to post soon.

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