Oct 3, 2008

New Browser Add-on

Thanks to my buddy Dug, I discovered a really sharp looking add-on browsing the web.

It's called Cooliris and it lets you look things up on your computer in a 3-D format.

It actually looks cooler than I could describe it, so here are some pictures from my computer that I took screenshots of.

First, I searched for "Ferretnick" in Google images. This is what came up:

Then when I used the Cooliris application, it gave me a huge wall of pictures that have either appeared on my website or are linked by it to other sites:

And when you use the scroll button at the bottom, it moves the wall to whichever side you're going to (in this case I was moving right):

It is funky and cool and just dang awesome.
I thought I'd mention it in case anybody else wanted to try it out.

2 things people had to say:

technogreek said...

Totally cool!

feedback said...

Hi Ferretnick,

Thanks so much for writing about us! We truly appreciate it!

I hope you and your readers enjoy Cooliris! We've got lots more in store, so stay tuned!

For interested readers, please check out http://cooliris.com/demo to learn more.

Thanks again,
Jenny & The Cooliris Team