Nov 6, 2008

Comic Book Release Party

Some of you may not know this already, but I am actually a character in a comic book.
I play XT Space Marine, Mike Valera in Gus F. Martin's "Crater on the Moon".

It's an updated version of the Greek myth, "Jason and the Argonauts" done in fumetti style.
Here are a few of my "scenes" in issue #7:

(that's me on the bottom right shedding a tear for a fallen comrade

Gus F. Martin is the pen-name for Keith Curtis who singularly puts together each and every issue.
He's a member of the Cartoonists Northwest Assoc. as well as the current president of the organization (at least, I believe he still is anyway).

I met the author a few years back while working at the Emerald City Comic Con.
I was intrigued by his booth set-up. Aside from the comics he was selling, he was also dressed in Space Marine fatigues, and was offering aluminum foil 'anti-alien-brainwave' hats.
He was really going all-out in promoting his book and was very friendly.
We talked during the show and he asked if I'd be interested in being a character in his book as one of the XT Space Marines in search of the golden F.L.E.E.C.E.
"Sure, why not? That sounds like fun," I told him. And the rest is history.

So it is with great pleasure that I'd like to tell you about his upcoming comic book release party in Seattle later this month at the Comics Dungeon.

Some of the cast members from the story will be there, including myself.

If there's time (and he can get it arranged technically*) we might re-enact some of the scenes from the comic for your enjoyment.
Also, some of the Space Marines are accomplished musicians and will hopefully be performing that afternoon as part of the celebration.
(I'm not an accomplished musician, by the way, but I told Keith I'd bring my Jew's harp and play along with the band if the opportunity presented itself.)

You don't need to R.S.V.P. to attend the release, but if you do, you'll receive a 20% off discount on store items during the event.

In addition to the "Crater on the Moon" volumes 1 & 2, there will be CotM T-shirts for sale, as well as posters, tattoos, and other related merchandise.

Immediately following the release, there will be a post-party celebration at Kate's Pub right across the street.

Comic books!
Door prizes!
And an after-party get-together for more shenanigans!
Come out and help support a local comic publisher (and watch me probably make a fool out of myself... again.)

(* Anybody with technical expertise and/or a projector is encouraged to contact Keith at the email in the release ad above. Tell him I sent you)

4 things people had to say:

Elwood said...

Dude...that is beyond cool! I will totally be there.

Also, you shaved for that, or was your moustache digitally erased?

Ferretnick said...

Yep, you're correct.
That's one of the rare times my moustache has come off.

I've only shaved it off about 3 or four times sine it came in (when I was about 15 yrs old).
So there aren't many pictures of my without it.

Ferretnick said...

of ME without it.

(Gotta check my darn spelling BEFORE I post... dang it!)

Vicky said...

Dude...SO COOL! Wish I was out west to be there but I'm celebrating here in NYC for you.