Nov 24, 2008

That Was Over Too Soon!

Last night was the big night! The "Crater on the Moon" comic book release party!
Hotness and I headed down from the mountains to brave the big city and make an appearance at the Comics Dungeon for Keith's self-published labor of love.
We were also joined by Elwood who came out to show his support.
(He has a great review of the event over on his blog if you want to check it out)
Here's him and Hotness before the festivities took place:

I acted out a couple of scenes from the story along with other CotM alumni:
(We had some technical difficulties with the first scene, but let it load for a bit and you can skip to the ACTION!)

Special thanks to Elwood for taking the video for both of these. I appreciate it!

And I also got a brief interview with the comic creator himself:

(Sorry about the music, I didn't know the microphone picked it up as much as it did)

There were some nifty door prizes being given out. One of the prizes was a hand-knitted afghan by Keith's mom! (Somebody won some cool swag, but I won't mention any names. *cough!*)

There was music, and although I did bring my Jew's harp I didn't get a chance to join in with the band. (My instrument isn't really "jazz worthy")

Since it's a long drive back home from Seattle, Hotness and I cut out after a couple of hours along with Elwood.
The three of us walked down to Dick's for a quick burger

'cause after all..... Dick's IS the place where the cool hang out!

Overall, it was a fun time and I was glad to help support a local comic.


Coming up soon.... Thanksgiving and my brush with 'fame'!

2 things people had to say:

Mike Miller said...

Glad the event was awesome... and once again hopefully something cool happens I'll be able to make it next time... I blame robots, those wily bastards!

Elwood said...

I said I was sorry for winning the cool stuff. Gawd.

I had a great time!