Nov 21, 2008

Did I Miss The Memo?

This struck me as odd last night when I was checking my email:
"Feds Issue Winter Weather Forecast"

What was that?
Oh they must mean about interest rates and whatnot during the winter (aka "holiday") season.

Um, no. The weather weather.
As in "Baby, it's cold outside. Better wear a jacket".

Since when did the Federal Government have anything to do with reporting and forecasting the weather?
I thought that only belonged to the realm of meteorologists and the Farmer's Almanac.

It's a good thing that Big Brother... er, the government is stepping in to tell us what the weather will be. I mean,with comments like this:
"The rest of the 48 contiguous states have equal chances of being warmer or cooler than normal, the forecast said."
We're sure to be in good hands.

Thank you Big Brother! I know I can trust you!

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