Nov 29, 2008


So I'm assuming that everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.
At least, that seems to be the story from everyone I've talked to lately.
Despite home-forclosure worries, a precarious economy, and job-related stress it seems that most everyone was still able to relax with family and friends and reflect on what they still have and be thankful.

Hotness and I spent the afternoon with friends and just had a really nice time.
The kids kept themselves entertained and nobody got hurt. Our conversations were lively. And the food was incredible.
Your's truly made the three-cheese macaroni (with and without bacon).
I also tried out a new pie recipe: Pear ginger maple pie. (By the way, I used Bartlett pears as they were kind of big and I could get a little more than 1 cup per pear. I also used a pre-made pie crust... thank you Top Foods!... for both the bottom and top, instead of the topping in the recipe. I just cooked it a little longer to compensate, like 50-55 minutes) It was fantastic and I plan on making it again.
And I made a tried-and-true favorite; double layer pumpkin cheesecake. Oh my goodness, I love this recipe and so does everyone else!

Lot's of stuff happening this holiday weekend. What with the Macy's parade crowd getting Rick-rolled live to a human stampede at Wal-mart in New York State on Black Friday (by the way, there are not enough words to describe the amount of disgust regarding that incident).
We even had a bit of drama in my neck of the woods. A driver lost control of her car and ran head-first into a guard rail early Friday morning. The car caught on fire but luckily her husband was able to get her out of the vehicle in time. She escaped with a broken leg and a few other injuries, but is alive and expected to make a full recovery.

Yesterday was spent playing games with my co-workers kids (yay Heroclix and ZOMBIES!!!), followed by Hotness and I going to see James Bond kick some @$$. (I'd seen it, but she hadn't yet). I really liked this movie. Not as much as "Casino Royale" but still worth it's salt as a Bond film, in my opinion. It wraps up "CR" nicely so that Bond can move on.

This morning, we got up and went into town to have breakfast with one of our neighbor-friends.
And in a little bit, I'm taking off to meet somebody (who contacted me via a mutual friend) to show off some of the comic artwork I've collected over the years.
Later tonight, I'll be joining Beer Gardens and watching Kyle Stevens perform live in Seattle tonight.
I'll let you know how the show was.

Enjoy the rest of your day....

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technogreek said...

Sounds like you had a great time man! Hopefully catch ya' tonight...