Nov 14, 2008

The Return Of Yogi

It's been quiet out at our place. Aside from the rain, that is.

Our garbage cans have remained upright. My birdfeeders have stayed empty and the seed tucked away safely where un-gentle Ben can't get to it.
No problems.

Until last night.

Sometime around 9:00 - 10:00 p.m. I thought I heard noises outside but I couldn't make iut what they were.
With all the rain and wind we've been having, I chalked it up to being that and didn't go out to investigate. (Well... that and I was being lazy)

This morning,I'm trying to get out of the house and get across the valley before traffic gets all goobered-up and as I drive out to the road.... awaiting me is our trash can tipped over and the garbage spread out all acorss the road.
Oh yippee.

So I went back and got my gloves and picked it all up, put it in the trash can and then saw something in the mud next to where it was.

A paw print:

A big F'ng paw print!
( I put a quarter next to it for size comparison)

Looks like my nefarious night-prowler hasn't gone away for the cold months quite yet.
Guess I'll be waiting a little longer before filling the bird feeders again.

There's been some speculation that this isn't a bear, but rather a cougar.
I maintain that it's a bear because;
a) I've actually seen it and there are other reports of it's activities in the area
b) cougars don't dig in the garbage (or eat birdseed)

Check for yourself. Bear or Cougar?

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