Nov 30, 2008

Kyle Stevens In Concert

Last night I met up with Beer Gardens and we drove into Ballard to watch Kyle Stevens play his last local show for the year.

Kyle is a great guy and is fun to talk with, but watching him perform, you can see how much music is his life.

I mean, I like music. A lot of music. From all different genres.
But I'm not a musician, so I enjoy the way it makes me feel when I'm in a particular mood (or the mood that it puts me into).
But Kyle IS a musician. When he plays, he's playing what was once a part of him and he is now sharing with the world. It's no longer private and has become an experience among the select few who are with him at that time.

It was a very small venue and got filled up early on before he even began.

Many of his family and friends showed up to show their support and watch him perform, including:

And Qtilla

The set list covered the gammut of his early, solo, and current works so there were plenty of songs to pull from.

Last time I watched him was at the Comic Stop and he was debuting some of his Kirby Krackle songs.
This time he played a few more pieces from that upcoming album including an instant crowd favorite: "Naked Wii"
He also finished with a unique cover of "Billie Jean".

After the show we talked a bit with him and then the four of us headed over to Dick's for a late burger before going back home.

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