Oct 26, 2007


A good friend of mine was fired from their job today.
For the sake of preserving their identity, I'll call this person "Jack".

Jack went to lunch and when he got back he was called into the HR office.
A few moments of awkward "politically correct niceties" and then they were let go.

There was no advance warning, no indication that the job was in jeopardy, nothing.

Now, it's not like this person loved their job.
They were actually going to look for a new job after the Holiday season was over, because they felt that the job offered very little room for career growth and wanted to branch out and gain more varied job skills.
But now Jack is forced to look for work. Which means that his family, house payment, and other bills are dependent on him getting a job ASAP, instead of being able to look for something suitable in his spare time.

I guess what bugs me most about this, is that my friend is very skilled and was more than qualified for the job.
The fact that no warning was given, while other employees have received SEVERAL of them and continue to work at this place, seems more than unfair.

I don't have any real eloquent things to say about this.
I'm just pissed because of the way it was handled and I wanted to get it off my chest.
My job is a pain and I don't like it, but it pays the bills. So did Jack's.

I wish him luck. I know he'll get something.

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